We would like to communicate to our clients an effort by Dyatech to train our clients on all the enhancements that have been made to our current web site.

The enhancements that have been loaded throughout each month in 2004 marks our continued efforts to improve our user-friendly technology for our clients as well as each person that has a retirement plan account with Dyatech.

We focused on improving the flexibility of our web site and adding tools to allow Plan Administrators and Financial Professionals to access more reports and a wider range of data. In early 2004 we also rolled out the flexibility to upload your payroll files.

The updates include additional payroll transmission tools, market value holdings and activity options, earnings allocations tools, reports, and upgrades to security for all web users.

If you would like to schedule a web training conference call, please contact 601-914-1004, ext 400, or 1-866-651-4222, ext 400, or you can email us at service@dyatech.com

Thanks again for your business!