We refer to our TPA services as a PlanLink product. PlanLink is a product designed to meet an employer’s demand for unbundled Third Party Administration services.

Dyatech will work with the employer to design a plan that meets their needs. We will also maintain ongoing compliance related items and file all appropriate government forms.


Through our PlanLink preferred recordkeeping providers, employers and participants have access to state-of-the-art Technology solutions to retirement plan information over the web, and the ability to completely manage their retirement program over the web, which may include:

  • Access account balances
  • Reallocate money within their retirement accounts
  • Change investment elections
  • Model a loan
  • Change PINs
  • Change addresses
  • Research investment options within their plan
  • View personal rates of return
  • View the investment returns for the funds available to their plan
  • Access quarterly statements
  • Load 401(k) contributions
  • Process loans and distributions


Participants need financial assistance, not just information about the investment options available to them, or a quick education on the fundamentals of investing. They need and want specific guidance on how, when, and where to invest their plan account balances. Your financial advisor is a key ingredient in the retirement plan process; whether it is helping choose the plan’s core fund selection, enrollment meetings, or simply as a valuable local representative for the company and the employees. Your financial advisor has the ability to create investment portfolios for each participant based on the plan’s core fund offerings and the participant’s investment objectives and time horizon.


When designing a program, Dyatech will work with the Financial Advisor and Employer and take into consideration current goverment regulations, budget allocations for the program, employee demographics and any existing retirement programs currently in place. Upon completion of our analysis, we will present design solutions and recommendations that balance the company’s goals and objectives with current government regulations.

Customer Service

Dyatech is committed to serving our clients. The success of our client service often comes down to the people who work directly with our clients. We strive to hire the best people and commit vast resources to their training and development. We make sure we listen to our clients and are very responsive to their questions and needs.