Retirement Solutions

Dyatech offers cost-effective solutions such as Third Party Administration and Compliance Consulting Services while the assets are held with a PlanLink partner. Please feel free to contact one of our Marketing Specialists to find a PlanLink partner that is right for you.

Dyatech is committed to giving you a competitive edge in today’s market through low-cost, high-quality administration services. The PlanLink product is a tool for you to reach more prospects so you can make them valued clients.

Summary of our Benefit Solutions

Dyatech offers state of the art Technology solutions to company-level and employee-level information over the web.  Dyatech also provides the ability to completely manage your retirement program over the web.

Participants need financial assistance, not just information about the investment options available to them, or a quick education on the fundamentals of investing.  They need and want specific guidance on how, when, and where to invest their plan account balances.  Your Financial Advisor is a key ingredient in the retirement plan process; whether it is helping choose the plan’s core fund selection, enrollment meetings, or simply as a valuable local representative for the company and the employees.

Dyatech works with you to determine which type of program Design solution meets your company’s specific goals and objectives.

When designing a program, Dyatech will work with the company and take into consideration current government regulations, budget allocations for the program, employee demographics and any existing retirement or payroll programs currently in place.  Upon completion of our analysis, we will present design solutions and recommendations that balance the company’s goals and objectives with current government regulations.

In order to achieve consistently high participation in your retirement program, you have to communicate plan benefits.  Dyatech offers, through one of our Recordkeeping service providers, a Communication solution and education process which is customized to include a summary of individual tax savings and retirement benefits for each employee.  This proven strategy has achieved 75%-80% participation across a broad range of employers.

Customer Service
Dyatech is committed to serving our customers.  The success of our customer service often comes down to the people who work directly with our clients.  We strive to hire the best people and commit vast resources to their training and development.  We make sure we listen to our customers and are very responsive to their questions and needs.


Retirement Center

Dyatech provides major back office solutions to help you focus on the core business.


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