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Dyatech got its start in 2001, providing recordkeeping services to corporations nationwide.  The Dyatech corporate headquarters is located in Ridgeland, Mississippi, a suburb of Jackson, the state capitol. 

Dyatech provides employee benefits outsourcing for small to medium-sized companies across the country.  Dyatech has over 8,500 clients nationwide with a focus on excellent service and high-quality employee benefit programs.  Dyatech has helped numerous companies streamline their administrative operations through the combination of our payroll services and retirement services. 

Dyatech offers a variety of payroll and retirement service products that help clients do what they do best, which is run their business.  We are involved with calculating payroll, filing tax payments and administering retirement plans, while giving our clients time to focus on their day to day operations.

Recognized as an industry leader of business solutions, Dyatech is differentiated by our customer services values, commitment to excellence, and integrity in all our dealings with clients and each other.

Retirement Solutions

Want to provide better retirement solutions to your employees at a lower cost?

Dyatech can provide retirement services to help your business and your employees prepare for a successful retirement.


Payroll Solutions

Want to provide a payroll solution that gives you the latest tools to simplify payroll processing and lower costs?

Dyatech can provide a one-stop solution for payroll and your 401(k) program.  We can integrate your 401(k) and payroll, allowing for a simple internal data transfer.  This will save you time, mistakes, and money.

HR Solutions

Need a full-service HR department, don’t want the hassle of dealing with day to day employee issues?

Dyatech can provide HR Administration and Compliance services that will help you manage those daily employee related issues and help you to figure out what you can do to provide the safest and most productive work environment for your employees.



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